"This training course is only available to Juliette Armand salons who purchase professional and retail products on a regular monthly ongoing basis." *

Suitable only for: Qualified Beauty Therapists

Courses: 3 x Sections. 9 x Modules. With on going training and videos to be added.

Face to face/Skype training available on completion of all sections at a cost. (Dependant on location and numbers)

Coursework   – Self Study and Certificates at the end of all sections

Duration: At own pace, each section completed, before commencing to the next.

Please Note: These training modules are free of charge. On completion of all sections of the training will allow each student the basic understanding and knowledge of the entire suite of Juliette Armand skincare and facials.
Each module MUST be completed in sequence before proceeding to the next module.

Exams: At the end of each module will be a series of small exams which must be completed to move on to the next module. The exams are open exams and reference material may be used to complete the exams.

The entire program must be completed to allow registration for face to face training.

Face to Face/Skype Training  Conditions apply.

On completion of all training modules, registration for expressions of interest. Training  will be dependent on location and numbers. “This training is available at a cost and payable on booking”.

* Conditions are subject to the discretion of management of Juliette Armand Australia

Commence Juliette Armand Training

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